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Go Green

Our Selection of "Green" Vehicles

Low CO2 emission cars are not only "Greener" but are also usually more fuel efficient, with lower running costs and road tax thus saving you money as well. There is a lot of debate about whether switching to a lower CO2 emitting vehicle will help the planet, or even if the global warming observed over this last century can be truly ascribed to the loading of the atmosphere with greenhouse gases by our activities, but whichever side of the debate you subscribe to, the cost saving benefits of driving a Green car are undisputed.

At Greenfleets we take care to always have a large selection of low CO2 Cars on offer for Contract Hire, helping you do your bit for the environment by lowering your carbon footprint while saving money.

Here is our current selection:

Hyundai Ioniq
 1.6 GDi Hybrid SE 4dr DCT Hatchback
1.6 GDi Hybrid SE 4dr DCT Hatchback
225.00 / month exc. VAT

Vehicle Details

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